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Claire Hamilton

Claire, who passed away in February 2017, was fascinated by Celtic myths, which she came to first through the Celtic harp. She was inspired by harpers like Alan Stivell, who revived the old Breton songs and who introduced her to some ancient Welsh ones too. This fed into her literary interests and led her to do an MA in the Bardic Tradition of Ireland.

After that she found herself blending writing and performing music by joining The Company of Strangers, a theatre group with whom she wrote and presented several Celtic myths. Having explored the myths in all these ways, she found they contained deep and enduring wisdom. She lived in Wales and loved to play her harp overlooking the River Wye.

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Steve Eddy

I'm a former English teacher and I worked as an editor in education and in the Mind, Body and Spirit field before starting to write books. You can see my educational books on

My interest in mythology began when I was involved in astrology and became familiar with the Greek gods associated with the planets. I'm fascinated by the links between myths of different cultures, but especially by Native American myths.

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