Tales of the Celtic Bards: Contents



1 Cormac mac Art and the Faerie Branch

2 The Magical Gifts of the Tuatha de Danann

3 The Three Noble Strains

4 The Birth of Cuchulainn

5 Lugh of the Shining Face

6 How Cuchulainn came by his Name

7 Cuchulainn's Wooing of Emer

8 Cuchulainn's Training in Arms

9 The Pillow-talk

10 Cuchulainn and Edarcomhol

11 Cuchulainn and the Morrigan

12 The Death of Cuchulainn

13 Niall and the Goddess of Sovereignty

14 The Salmon of Wisdom

15 Oisin goes to the Land of Youth

16 The Coming of Adzed Head



17 Harpers on the Island of Rhum

18 The Ballad of Tam Lin

19 The Sea Maiden

20 Thomas Rhymer

21 The Love Story of Diarmaid and Grainne



22 Pwyll and the Lord of Annwn

23 Gwydion's Story

24 Arianrhod's Story

25 Flowerbride

26 Song of the Shaman

27 Taliesin, the Shining Child



28 The City of Ys