Tales of the Celtic BardsCeltic myths compellingly retold in the voices of the bards. Now in paperback.

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All books by Steve Eddy and Claire Hamilton are available in bookshops, or online from Amazon. Just search for our names. All are paperback and published by Hodder Arnold unless stated.

Teach Yourself Myths
Myths and commentaries on this site are all taken from our Teach Yourself Myths series (Hodder): Greek Myths, Celtic Myths, Native American Myths and Chinese Myths.
Books available:

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Now in paperback

TY Understand Greek Mythology
Steve Eddy & Claire Hamilton

Greek myths have inspired poets and artists for centuries. Deeply rooted in the Western imagination, they seem to speak directly to our psyche even on a first reading.

Myths included: The Beginning of Time — Echo and Narcissus — Oedipus — The Birth and Heroic Deeds of Perseus — Theseus and the Minotaur — Odysseus and the Cyclops — The Abduction of Persephone — Orpheus and Eurydice — In Search of the Golden Fleece — Jason and Medea — The Judgement of Paris Ares and Aprhodite Pygmalion and Galatea

144 pp; price UK £9.99, US $16.00


TY Celtic Myths

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ISBN 0 340 78921 2

TY Celtic Myths, Steve Eddy & Claire Hamilton

Celtic myths are full of powerful heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses in human form, shapeshifting and druidic magic.

Themes in this book include 'The Hero', 'Tragic Love Stories' and 'The Otherworld'.

Myths included: The Harp of the Dagda (Irish) — The Birth and Boyhood of Cuchulainn (Irish) — The Death of Cuchulainn — Finn and the Salmon of Wisdom (Irish) — The Sorrows of Deirdre (Irish) — Diarmuid and Grainne (Irish/Scottish) — Math, Son of Mathonwy Part 1: The Birth of Lleu (Welsh) — Math, Son of Mathonwy Part 2: The Flower Bride — The Otherworld — Oisin's Journey to the Otherworld (Irish) — The Voyage of Maeldun (Irish) — Pwll and Arawn (Welsh) — The Drowned Island of Ys (Breton)

144 pp; price UK £7.99, US $10.95

TY Native American Myths

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ISBN 0 340 80154 9

TY Native American Myths, Steve Eddy

When I first encountered Native American myths I found them very different from the Greek and Celtic traditions. They contain few recurring characters, and - for most tribes - few deities.

However, they are full of a sense of all-pervading spirit, magical possibilities, and timelessness.

— Steve Eddy

This book presents a cross-section of myths from the many tribes that make up Native American culture.

Included are:

144 pp; price UK £7.99, US $10.95

TY Chinese Myths

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ISBN 0 340 79962 5

TY Chinese Myths, Te Lin

This book explores the rich cultural background to Chinese myths, which includes influences from shamanism, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. It also shows relates the colourful imagery of Chinese myths to Western psychology.

Myths included:

Pangu and the Creation — Yi the Archer Yu and the Floodwaters — His Father's Grave The King of the Underworld — The Eight Immortals — The Feng Shui Master — Wen Cheng, God of Literature — The Silkworm Goddess — Monkey King — Tales of Dragons — The Willow Pattern

128 pp; price UK £7.99, US $10.95

Timeless Wisdom of the Celts

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Timeless Wisdom of the Celts,
Steve Eddy & Claire Hamilton

The tribes we now call Celtic were diverse, but our view is that their beliefs and outlook formed an identifiable culture and one from which we can learn today.

— Steve Eddy

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This compact but highly readable guide describes Celtic culture and beliefs and suggests how we can apply Celtic wisdom to our own lives.

Includes: history — gods and goddesses — druidism shamanism — the four elements — lunar and solar festivals
Otherworld — the Celtic Church — Ogham symbols — myths

NB orders will not now be fulfilled till 16 August 2015.

Maiden, Mother, Crone, Claire Hamilton

The Goddess is coming back, but the one we’re least familiar with lies under our feet. For long years, in her many faces, she’s been buried in dry and awkward translations. Claire Hamilton's retellings of Celtic myths honour and revitalise the Goddess in her many guises.

Written in the first person, these provocative and surprising renderings of Celtic tales take us on a challenging journey in which the twelve most ancient and extraordinary goddesses of the land reveal their light and dark faces. In bringing their symbolism to life for today they restore our earlier understanding of war, sex and death. Encounter the endurance of Branwen, the wit of Rhiannon, the daring of Medbh, the magic of Ceridwen, the testing of Arianrhod, the betrayal of Deirdre and the power of the Morrigan. Share the Goddess’ spiritual journey. Learn from her loves, her challenges, and how she triumphs through her pain. Travel with her and be ready to receive the gifts she has to offer.

O Books (John Hunt Publishing), pb, 320pp; price UK £12.99, US $16.47

Celtic Seasonal Meditations

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The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations,
Claire Hamilton

By reflecting on the words of wisdom and wit within these pages, we will be led away from the hustle and bustle of the twenty-first century, to a place stirred by the songs of our ancestors, where nature speaks, where everything becomes possible.

This beautiful collection of prose and verse allows us to share Celtic wisdom and to appreciate the passing seasons through Celtic song, stories, meditations and myths.

Following the changing moods of the year, The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations includes: inspiring descriptions of the Celtic festivals; tales of warriors and lovers, goddesses and gods, maidens and crones; nature poems and elegies; insights into mysteries, and glittering glimpses of the Otherworld.

Rider, hardback, 288pp; original price £8.99.

Order direct by post: only £7.99 incl. p&p (UK): select PayPal link to pay online, or send cheque or international money order payable to C. Hamilton, to The Old Bakery, Llandogo, Monmouth NP25 4TA, UK. NB orders will not now be fulfilled till 16 August 2015.

Tales of the Celtic Bards, Claire Hamilton

In this book, the Celtic myths are put back into the mouths of the bards in order to restore their original meaning.

Tales from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany.

See accompanying CD of Bardic harp and poetry.

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These myths were first told by the ancient bards who were the keepers of a 'Higher Knowledge', so they are shot through with symbolic meaning. Reading them takes us back to a time when the veil between the material and spirit worlds was considered very thin, when bards and shamans underwent an arduous training which, they believed, enabled them to pass freely between these worlds. They would not speak openly about what they saw, but instead encoded them into teasing riddle and tales, which are retold in this book.

O Books (John Hunt Publishing), paperback, 320pp; price UK £12.99, US $24.95 Accompanying 32-track CD available
The Arthurian Tradition

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ISBN 0 340 78146 7

The Arthurian Tradition, Claire Hamilton

This highly readable book explores:

The magical symbolism of Arthur, Merlin and the Round Table knights goes back into Celtic history and legend. Did you know that in an old Celtic story, Arthur the chieftain lusted after a young Welsh girl called Gwladys but was restrained by his followers, Cai and Bedwyr (who became Sir Kay and Sir Bedivere), and that he had a trusty sword called Ron?

The rough-hewn original characters contrast with the smoother versions in the French Romances. Gawain, the suave ladies’ man, was originally Gwalchmai - Hawk of May, whose strength in battle reached its height at noon and waned again at dusk. And did you know that Lancelot, the modern-style psychological hero, was brought up on the mysterious Island of Maidens? Such rich archetypal material, and so relevant today …

112 pp, £5.99

The Holy Grail

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ISBN 0 340 78147 5

The Grail Tradition, Claire Hamilton

The book was a journey for me too. Spiritually it took me into the esoteric mysteries of gnosticism, alchemy, the Templars and the Tarot, and I found surprising links between them.

On a literal and historical level, it was sometimes shocking and challenging, especially when I looked into recent ideas about the nature of the Grail. But it was very exciting to search, physically as well as spiritually, both within the book and at the Grail sites. And, of course, on a quest there is always an element of the unexpected ...

— Claire Hamilton

This book is a historical, mystical and spiritual quest. It also operates on both an individual and a collective level. Starting with the very earliest Grail story the reader journeys through the following areas:

112 pp, price £5.99

The New Astrology

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ISBN 0 7475 3119 6

The New Astrology,
Nicholas Campion & Steve Eddy

The aim of this work is to confirm and verify our relationship to the cosmos, and, I think, it succeeds.

Prediction Magazine

This book compares the ways in which humanity has perceived and related to the universe over the ages, from myth and the ancient art of astrology, to quantum physics. In doing so it shows how they connect, ancient insights seeming to anticipate scientific and astronomical discoveries.

Bloomsbury (US Trafalgar House), hardback, 288 pp, price £25.00

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