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Greek myths

Greek Mythology Link

An extensive and very informative site, with biographies of gods, genealogies of mythical figures, etc.

Theoi Greek Mythology

An excellent site exploring Greek mythology and the Greek gods in classical literature and art. Very comprehensive.

A commercial site but nonetheless an excellent place to view over 300 images relating to Greek myths.



For German speakers

A German-language site focusing on astronomical constellations and the myths surrounding their names. Constellations covered include Taurus, Gemini, Orion and Cassiopeia.

The Celts and their myths, druidry

Fascinating website from Simon James, professor of archaeology and author of the controversial The Atlantic Celts. Gives the traditional view of the Celts, followed by a rather different one based on relatively recent archaeology.

Interesting and well-illustrated site giving information and links relating to the burial mounds and other features of the Boyne Valley, including Howth, Knowth, Newgrange and Tara. Now has aerial views.

The website of OBOD - the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Information on Druidism, tree lore, sacred groves, Stonehenge - and a magical cyber-journey.

Celtic festivals


Native American culture and myths

An amazing resource for stories from a large number of tribes.

Karen M. Strom, Voyage to Another Universe

Conceived as a web book, this is a wonderful resource for information on the Navajo.

General mythology (including magazines)


'The Mythical Creatures website aims to give you the ultimate artistic bestiary and the complete lists of all mythical animals and fictional creatures.' A challenging aim, but it's doing well so far!

Parabola Magazine

Website of the prestigious magazine of myth and mystery, which worked with Joseph Campbell to produce his series of cassette tapes on mythology.

Storyfest Journal

An interesting site put together by Bob and Kelly Wilhelm, who are influenced by Jung and Campbell. Contains myths and stories, as well as details of their print magazine, and of their storytelling journeys.

The Joseph Campbell Foundation

Ambitious and imaginative site dedicated to furthering the mythological work of Joseph Campbell.

Castle Books

Offers articles, interviews, lesson plans and e-books relating to Joseph Campbell and the Hero, and to the mythical archetypes in films (Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and The Matrix).

Diana Grace-Jones

teaches the meaning of fairy tales at Birkbeck College, London and takes the enactment of myths and storytelling into primary schools.


Nicholas Campion

The origins of astrology are closely related to mythology, in that the characters of the Greek gods are identified with the planets. This informative and interactive site describes the history of astrology and explains how the planets relate to each other and to the the zodiac.


O Books

Claire's publisher: 'Our main aim is to publish books on the spiritual search, exploring world religions and different traditions in some depth and make them accessible to a general readership.'