Tales of the Celtic Bards

Tales of the Celtic Bards , Claire Hamilton

This CD is designed to accompany the book Tales of the Celtic Bards. It has 32 tracks which correspond to 32 poems spoken or sung by the bards and druids within the stories. The accompanying harp music is either original or traditional Celtic music composed or arranged by Claire. The album features a variety of vocals and magical effects which echo the characters within the tales.

'... These 32 tracks run the gamut of emotions and styles. They evoke the images even more eloquently than the bard’s words as he relates the stories.' Michael Gleason

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Celtic Myths and Legends

Celtic Myths and Legends, Claire Hamilton (LC 13429)

In this album Claire combines harp with spoken word inspired by the practice of the ancient bards. She presents key characters from Celtic Myth such as Arianrhod, the proud Virgin Goddess, Grainne, the Irish Sovereign and Druidess, and Blodeuwedd, the woman fashioned out of flowers. Besides these original pieces there are settings of some of Yeats’ Celtic poems. All spoken pieces are interspersed with solo harp pieces.

Includes: The Dark Lake Song of Wandering Aengus, The Queen’s Marsh, Rich and Rare, Blodeuwedd, Love Poem for Diarmuid, Harpers on the island of Rhum, Yo Fassa, Elphin Knight.

The Celtic Harp

The Sound of Celtic Harp: Wild Mountain Thyme, Claire Hamilton (SUN 2032)


Londonderry Air (Danny Boy); Wild Mountain Thyme; An Ubhal As Airde (The Highest Apple); Down in the Sally Gardens ; She Moved through the Fair; Have I Told You Lately?; Skye Boat Song; Robin (The Hooded Man); Loch Lomond; Shepherd Moons; The Star of County Down; Theme from ‘Harry’s Game’; Carrickfergus; Flower of Scotland; On Your Shore; Patapan; Only a Woman’s Heart; Riverdance.

The Celtic Harp, Claire Hamilton (SUMCD 4133)


Riverdance; My Lagan Love; Arran Boat Song; Robin and the Hooded Man; Oxen and Sheep; Wild Swan; Fantaisie Sur An Hini A Garan; She Moved through the Fair; Theme from 'Harry's Game'; Serendipity; Lovely Joan; Lord Galway's Lament; The Chanter; On Your Shore; Noel Breton; Searching for Lambs; Cro Chinn T'Saile; Aquatintes l; Lavaromp Ar Chapeled; Down in the Sally Gardens; An Ubhal As Airde (The Highest Apple); Women of Ireland (Theme from 'Barry Lyndon).

A Wife out of Flowers

A Wife out of Flowers, The Company of Strangers (COS 298)

The album from the show of the same name which Claire devised and performed together with narrator John Hartoch and singer Maggie Fitzsimons. It contains original and traditional material arranged for several instruments including harp, soaring vocals, bodhran, guitar and indian harmonium.

Includes: The Island of the Mighty, Duir, Lady Mortimer’s Lullaby, Hen Ladi Fowr Benfelen (The Buxom Old Blonde), Blodeuwedd, Prydian’s Lament, Caniad Marwnad Ifan y Gof (The Death of Ivan the Smith), Gwydion’s Englyns.