Review August 2004


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This small thick book has a chunky feel in the hand, almost like a little box of goodies, which is exactly what it is. In a well-written introduction the author suggests dipping into the appropriate section for the season of the year: as differing parts of Celtic myths and stories are appropriate to different seasons, glancing through the whole text gives the feeling of stories sweeping through the book, rather as the curving lines of Celtic art sweep and turn, with themes coalescing at key points in the year. References to the stories also appear in differing ways, so what was read as punishment in an extract might be discussed as a possible initiation process on another page, a multilayering process which gives the feeling of walking in mist which may open to reveal pockets of ancestral wisdom and ways of thought and glimpses of the Otherworld. A handy index ensures that you can access whole stories if they are new to you .… A highly accessible and enjoyable book.

Penny Billington, Touchstone Magazine

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